The Dark Trinity: Sanctuary Coming Soon!

The Dark Trinity: Sanctuary is offically in development! You can actually check out the mod pack right now by visising the Minecraft page! The tenetive release date is Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 8:00 AM PM EST.

Sanctuary will be using a custom modpack with a focus on resources being much more difficult to obtain in bulk. To the end, Buildcraft and Enderio are not present meaning no quarries! IC2 is also not included and instead Immersive Engineering is included! Also note that there are no Big Reactors so good luck with power generation!┬áThere is also no Applied Energistics so storage just got difficult. And whoops, looks like OpenComputers just replaced ComputerCraft! One last thing, looks like there is no Minefactory so guess you’ll have to use Forestry for your autofarming needs. HAYO!!!!

Here is the most up to date mod list.

Stay tuned to our Discord server chat for the latest updates. You may just be eligible for early access!