ECO: Omega-One Test Fire

It’s time for the test fire! If you are planning on playing on Omega-One, I highly recommend you join the test fire starting at 8:00 PM EST, today, May 5, 2017. The test fire will run until Sunday evening. The world will be temporary so feel no rush when playing and feel free to ask questions. Randy will try to be on Discord for the first few hours to take questions and discuss everything ECO. Feel free to shoot Randy a PM on Discord if you try it out later in the weekend and have questions. Check out Discord for the IP / hostname.

Curious about what ECO is all about? Check out the PAX East 2016 trailer:

Curious about the recent big update? Check out the 5.5 trailer:

Wanna learn the basics of playing? Check out this tutorial from a person of the ECO Waste server:

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