Throughout the years, there have been quite a few Minecraft servers overseen by blakerandy97. The most recent series was The Dark Trinity modded series of the servers. There was the original, then three spinoff servers. The spinoff servers were based on a story and pre-built worlds. Now, season 2 of The Dark Trinity will focus on scenarios.

The Dark Trinity spinoff servers focused on three main aspects, Tech, Nature, and Magic. The first server was an Atlantis themed server focused on tech called Oasis. The next server was nature themed with very little headstart called Sanctuary. The final server was magic themed with a floating city full of secrets called Asylum.

The Dark Trinity: Resort

Hostname: play.blakerandy97.me (DM blakerandy97 on Discord is not whitelisted)

Download Link and Mod list

Resort starts a new season of The Dark Trinity. Resort is based on the survival island challenges. The official multiplayer server has spawn in a large ocean with multiple islands. To encourage players to stay on islands, the hostile mobs in the world have been buffed.


The colors are claims for the following:

Black- Spawn


Neon Green- Free Healthcare (Leader- Bowman731)

Red- Easy Alliance (Leader- Blakerandy97)

Purple- YARRRR (Leader- Eboy1997)